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Types of Business Insurance

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Ensuring Your Protection

  • Business Liability Insurance can help protect you, your employees and customers in the case of an accident. 

  • Commercial Property Insurance can help protect your company’s physical assets, such as your building, furniture, equipment and inventory. You can get commercial property coverage even if you work from home.

  • Business Owners Policy, or BOP, is a combined package of different coverages, such as property, liability, crime coverage and more. A BOP can help you get a customized policy tailored to your specific needs.

  • Commercial Auto Insurance can protect your business and employees from a variety of damages and accidents related to the operation of vehicles. 

  • Crime Insurance  can protect your business from crime-related losses such as theft and forgery.

  • Business Income Insurance can help pay bills and cover costs if your business has to close temporarily.

  • Commercial Umbrella insurance can provide your business with extra protection beyond your standard liability policy.

  • Cyber Liability insurance can help protect your business from damages related to electronic data, computer systems, data breaches and even computer attacks. 

  • Equipment Breakdown insurance can protect your business from damages and costs related to computers, electrical and mechanical equipment breakdowns.

  • Business Interruption insurance  can pay for lost income and help keep your business afloat if external forces cause you to close for a short time. 

  • Worker's Compensation insurance can protect your employees in the instance of a work related accident

  • Accounts Receivable insurance can cover your business against losses caused by the inability to collect customer payments.

HAWK INS GROUP, LLC offers a wide range of insurance solutions that meet customers’ demands. Contact us with your specific needs and let us find the best policy with the best coverage for you.

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